Dear NY City Council,

Shutting down advertizing puts both consensual sex workers and victims of third parties out on the street.  It doesn’t help anyone.  If anything, advertizing provides a record for LE if the victim wants to report (if LE would actually help victims instead of arresting everyone, like they do most of the time).

I recently reported my trafficker or whatever you want to call him to the cops.  Despite it having been several years ago (more than five), I saved an old email I had sent Craigslist about it (this was before Erotic Services got shut down and all they did was take the ads down), but it had information about him and his email in it, from which we found a web presence eventually leading to his name, address, and date of birth.  The statute of limitations has run out on the actual pimping or whatever (which I think is fucked up) but they are going to investigate his current activities and try to build a case against him that way.  I hope they don’t arrest or sleep with any sex workers or trafficking victims in the process, because I was actually hoping to do more good than harm with reporting him.

In any case, I hated to see Erotic Services shut down for all the reasons I mentioned above.  Even if it put him out of business, which I doubt, because of all the collateral harm from the sex workers and trafficking victims undoubtedly put out on the street.  Same with Backpage.

Please, don’t.




2 responses to “Backpage

  1. I read something that said Backpage actually has live people monitoring comments at all hours to try to crack down on potential trafficking, especially in regards to underage children.

    I think we should encourage that and not force prostitutes and johns further and further from moderation. If they’re doing it in the open, at least they can be protected a little bit. Then, of course, that leads to discussion of prostitution being legalized to allow for greater transparency.

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