I saw this question posted (retweeted) from somewhere on Twitter a week or so ago, and I’ve been meaning to talk about it.

You see this kind of question pop up a lot in various ways – replace “sex worker” with “trans woman” or “bisexual” or “socialist” or whatever and you still have basically the same question, which always reads to me like “Would you date [insert subsection of humanity that I, the asker, can’t imagine anyone (normal) wanting to date]? Be honest. I want you to confirm my prejudices and/or titilate me with your bizarre sexual proclivities”.

Because you don’t typically see people asking “Would you date an electrician/admin assistant/high-school teacher/dentist? Why or why not? Be honest. I’m curious.”
Because none of those professions comes with an entire baggage-train of social stigmas that presume the people working in those fields are sub-standard, or even sub-human – that they…

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  1. Not that I date… too old, not interested. 😉

    Were I so engaged, would I date an *active* sex worker…no.

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